Thursday, October 11, 2018

Citizen of No Country

A friend of mine forwarded me this, it's an interesting tale someone told him of their late father-in-law.
My late father in law. Age 13 the Russians came into his village of ethnic Germans in what is now Bosnia. Shot his father ( one of the largest landowners in the area) in the front parlor.
They Raped his mother and older sisters in front of him. Dragged the whole family off and put them in death camps where they were worked to death but by bit. His older brother was sent to the mines in Siberia.
He escaped from the camp three times with his two older brothers, and got their mother and sisters out of the women’s camp.
Recaptured and beaten almost to death, they kept them alive because they could repair electric circuits. Finally escaped, and smuggled the whole family of 7 out of there, walked across the Alps into Austria. Wove baskets from reeds and traded them for food. Finally ended up in a US run displaced persons camp.
Worked for five years doing construction, delivering milk, and any job they could find until they were able to immigrate to the US.
Worked as a welder and ran a cleaning business. Bought a house. Raised two children and sent them to college. Never became a citizen because he never learned to read or write English ( and hid it from everyone but his wife).
Dying of Emphysema, he got a notice that ICE was thinking of deporting him because he had let his green card lapse. I drove him up to the Federal building and wheeled him in his wheelchair.
The officious clerk said “so we may have to deport you”. I laughed and said “To Where ? Read his green card.”
Citizen of No Country. 
“Oh !”
He laughed and told jokes, the ICE lady started laughing, and she got his green card renewed in record time.
Surviving that kind of childhood and then living a good life ? Total badass.

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