Friday, December 16, 2011

From Bandung, to Jakarta and Back Again

Memperdaya Ukuran, Menghilangkan Kepercayaan
Label Metrologi di SPBU Pertamina. Semboyannya masih "Memperdaya ukuran, menghilangkan kepercayaan"

Rumah iklan

Guy Fawkes on the side of a starbucks cup

Surprised bird
this guy should be a meme

Inverted Orange Christmas Tree
Somebody thought up an inverted christmas tree wrapped around a festivus pole.

Grand Indonesia
Grand Indonesia, the grandest shopping mall in the entire country.

The top end of stores
Anchor stores.

Merokok di kawasan dilarang merokok
Merokok di kawasan dilarang merokok

View belakang Grand Indonesia
View di belakang Grand Indonesia

Styrofoam chandelier.

indoor fountain
Indoor fountain

indoor train
It's made of metal

Performing for Nobody
Performing for Nobody

Tintin bookcase
Tintin Bookcase! \o/

Durian-shaped durian cake
Durian-shaped durian cake

Yoshinoya Meatbowl
Yoshinoya meat bowl. Made with 100-years old secret recipe from japan. Meat is 100%US Beef.

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